Greetings Course Participants:

The Source Farm Foundation- Jamaica Sustainable Farm Enterprise Program a USAID Program in partnership with the Jamaica Diaspora Agricultural Taskforce and JOAM would like to welcome and thank you for applying to this January 2018 One One Coco-Natural Farmer Workshop.  Permaculture Principles and Organic Farming methods will help inform and inspire all the work you do in your physical and natural environments. Employing these principles and methodology in all aspects of your life facilitates the creation of abundance and allows you to become an agent of positive change.  We at the Source Farm Foundation look forward to co-creating, working and learning with you as you embark on this life-changing journey.



  • Application Form

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  • Course Materials


  • Course Outline


  • Course Fact Sheet


  • Liability Waiver Form

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  • Pre-Course Assignments

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  • Topographic Map of your land

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 One One Coco-Natural Farmer Training Course 2017 Fact Sheet

Course Date:

January 19 to 21 2018

February 2 to 4 2018

Course Cost:

$12,000.00JA/ $100.00 US per participant per weekend

Exchange Rate  

Course Payment:

Full Payment for Course due 

Contact: Nomi Shirley 876-345-2633

              Nicola Shirley-Phillips 876-421-8838

Payments can be made in any Scotia Bank

            Source Farm Foundation

             Morant Bay

            Account #: 600744

Contact Nomi for all other payment arrangements



Course Location:

Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage

Johns Town, St. Thomas, Jamaica


 Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage

Johns Town, St. Thomas, Jamaica

Pre-Course Assignment  Date Due:

Arrival of workshop

Send to Nomi Shirley

Course Materials:

See Course Material List


Carpool arrangements can be made from Kingston

Speak with Nomi or Nicola , Course Facilitator, about arrangements