The Source Farm Foundation is the outreach arm of the Source Farm Ecovillage.  The Foundation is a community economic development incubator that seeks to build collaborative partnerships to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.  The foundation of our work is based in a whole systems ecological design approach called Permaculture. All of our projects are rooted in sound economic principles and practices and success is measured in business development and healthy thriving communities.  We also acknowledge that the natural world provides the foundation for meeting our needs and we always seek solutions based in enhancing biological systems.

The Source Farm Foundation has been working in Jamaica since 2007 and focused our early energy on establishing the Ecovillage (living community) component of our mission as well as establishing Community Economic Development projects within the larger community of Johns Town and Retreat, St. Thomas.

Since 2007, the Source Farm Foundation has acted as an incubator for a number of projects such as Super Adobe/Earthbag Building Technology, Literacy and Art Community Project and Sewing and Natural Dye Cooperative.   The Foundation has been instrumental in bringing a Formal Consensus Meeting Management methodology as well as Permaculture Certification to Jamaica.

Mission & Vision

The Foundation mission is to be a community economic development incubator that will build collaborative partnerships to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.   It is our vision to be a catalyst for change in St. Thomas bringing the communities, diaspora and international agencies and local government to assist with the development of  St. Thomas to meet Jamaica’s 2030 goals.

Board Of Directors

The Foundation Board of Directors play a vital and active role in ensuring community development programs are in line with our overall mission and vision of the Ecovillage.  The Foundation is dynamic and is always seeking ways to bring innovative solutions to it members and the wider community.

  • Nicola Shirley-Phillips

  • Nomi Shirley

  • Pam Campbell

  • Tim Rees

Currently the Foundation has been focusing on issues of food security for the Eastern region of  Jamaica. The Foundation is using a Permaculture and a whole system approach to addressing the issues of creating sustainable livelihood for people of the region.

Community Projects

Building the local community is a foundation mission of The Source.  Since the establishment of the Source in 2007 we have worked intensively in the local community of Johns Town.  We have seen gains in education, environmental awareness, improved infrastructure and the growth of businesses within the local community.  

While fulfilling our mission and vision the Source has seen our impact expand beyond local community to the parish of St. Thomas and across the island.  The innovative solution around natural building methodology (Earthbag/superadobe building), off the grid energy solutions, introduction of Permaculture and our islandwide initiatives around Organic Farming as well as the creation of the 1st Natural Farmers Market in Jamaica are just a few of the important community development projects being stewarded by the Source.


The Source is always seeking to bring appropriate and innovative solutions to our community and the region and looks forward to continuing to work with our partners to make these solutions a reality.