The Mission

The mission of The Source is to be a model community that is dedicated to respecting and creating balance and harmony with plants, animals and humans. It is our mission to create an innovative farm that provides organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs for our residents and our community.

Our farm has adopted a permaculture design model following all the current organic standards. The farm provides traditional table vegetables, fruit from the farm’s orchard, medicinal plants, mushrooms, herbs, flowers, and a thriving bee population. It is designed to allow workers easy access to the terraces to cultivate the crops and guests are able to meander and marvel at nature's diversity. There are also many opportunities to teach and share a variety of natural farming methods to the community and its members. The farm provides a natural sanctuary for residents and visitors.

Dwight Shirley is a founding member of The Source; he and his family moved to The Source over 7 years ago.  Dwight has been a backyard gardener for many years then progressed to complete his certification in Permaculture Design. He is a co-instructor in the One One Coco Project and Head Farmer at The Source. He has a natural affinity to plants and enjoys the miracles of watching and learning from the natural world.   

Come join Dwight at the Farm!