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The Sunday Dinner Project: is a global call for the strengthening of Caribbean familes in the Region, the Diaspora and beyond by sitting together at the dinner table and having healing conversations that identify, explore, and develop intentional solutions for improving our families.

When: Sunday, September 30, 2018 between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Location: Your family dinner table whereever you are (ceremonial launch at the Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage, Johns Town/Retreat, St. Thomas, Jamaica Caribbean). Different time zones and traditions will vary the hours accordingly.

Areas of Focus

  1. Coming together for conversation around a meal;

  2. Giving thanks for the ancestors on whose shoulders we stand;

  3. Identifying ancestral knowledge for intergenerational transfer;

  4. Acknowledging family hurts and the need for healing conversations that identify strategies for overcoming these hurts (you will be able to get professional support for this activity, if you need it);

  5. Identifying family resources to improve personal, community, national, regional and Diaspora development;

  6. Encouraging the eating of healthy, locally grown foods as a strategy for increasing employment, and the region’s food security while reducing the food import bill of over 3 billion US dollars per annum;

  7. Reducing the high prevalence rate of chronic non-communicable diseases ssociated with out lifestyle – what we eat and lack of exercise;

  8. Building a network of family therapists, community development facilitators and business development professionals who individuals and families may contact to obtain expert assistance about the best strategies to use to improve their situations going forward; and

  9. Facilitating periodic seminars and workshops designed to develop trainers to train others in their local communities to build the Sunday Dinner Project, over many years, into a global network of African Families determined to contribute to stabilizing our growth and development.

Contact: Nicola Shirley-Phillips 1-876-421-8838;


Twitter: @sundaydinnerprj

Instagram: @sundaydinnerproject


Skype: sundaydinnerproject


Sponsorship on the Website

  • Lifestyle Transformation Centre

  • Natural Health Foundation

  • Ministry of Education

  • Rural Agricultural Development Authority

  • Leahcim Semaj – The Job Bank Leahcim T. Semaj & Company Limited

  • 5 community groups (urban) (Lana Finikin contact) – Sistren Theatre Collective

  • Rural Women Farmers (Mildred)

  • Cherry Natural and Mutabaruka

  • Elders: Queen Mother – Sister Samad & and Dr. Simon Clare – former Head of UNESCO Jamaica (Executive Member UNESCO – Paris) and 1st Principal of Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College (Call Liberty Hall for contact infomation)


Why you should come on Board

  • To take action as a member of the network of global solutionaries

  • To answer the ancestral spirit call to take responsibility for what we have become and act to change our situations for the better

  • To contribute to stabilising the Caribbean regional, Diaspora and global family

  • To create win win solutions for individuals, families, communities and businesses