The Nature School Mission

The Nature School is a nurturing learning environment that inspires curiosity and creativity. We are dedicated to helping children acquire the skills and tools to become better thinkers and “Solutionaries” for today’s global problems. We maximize student potential by fostering inquiry based learning while focusing on environmental issues and natural living. We promote lifelong learning and empower students to be advocates of change.

About Us

The Nature School is a small, cooperative learning environment that is guided by the belief that we must work collaboratively to understand, explore and restore our natural environment and the systems it supports. We are a Jamaican non- profit under the umbrella of The Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage.

We are a community of leaders who have taken a nontraditional approach to learning and teaching. We provide an inclusive environment where individuality and creativity are fundamental to learning and growth. We encourage independent and critical thinking and teach responsibility for our surroundings.

We learn through a project based curriculum guided by discovery and exploration; starting with ourselves then looking at our community, environment and the world. Students experience teacher led investigation as well as self-directed study and play.

Our Curriculum

The innovative structure of the Nature School focuses on understanding that each child is a divine spirit which has a mission to fulfill here on Earth.  To that end, each child is given an assessment upon enrollment. The assessment exercises determine the level at which the child is functioning in the subject areas of Literacy and Mathematics. An individualized curriculum is then developed to encourage and challenge the child where they are in their own development. Students will complete this part of their curriculum online using laptops or tablets and guided by their classroom teacher. The classroom teacher supplements the online learning with worksheets and projects.

In addition to the online curriculum, Nature School students enjoy a wide range of hands on learning taught by individuals who are experts in their fields. An important component of learning at The Nature School is the Organic Farm Science class taught by our resident Source farmer. The children build garden beds, make compost, care for the aquatic pond life, plant or harvest crops and even sell products at the Ujima Natural Market in Kingston!

Our commitment to promoting sustainability allows us to teach our children important life skills that will help them to navigate in this increasingly global and ever changing world.

Nature School students also enjoy taking classes in other subject areas such as:

- Meditation, Yoga, Movement/Exercise
- Social & Cultural Studies
- Foreign Languages (subject to teacher availability)
- Environmental Science, Organic Farming, Earth Science
- Spiritual Development
- Nutrition & Cooking
- Visual & Textile Arts
- Drama (subject to teacher availability)
- Technology & Computer Science
- Sustainability
- Apprenticeship Programs & Independent Research
- Travel Programs, Locally & Globally

Enrollment and Calendar

The Nature School opened its doors to its first class September, 8, 2014.

Currently we are accepting applications for students aged 4-10. Our commitment to individualized learning is reflected in our insistence that class sizes are kept small (10-12 students).

Tuition Costs are currently $75,000 JD per term*.

Additional costs not included in the tuition fee are: student assessment for literacy and mathematics, online curriculum fees, technology (each child must provided their own computer or tablet), lunch and activity fees.

Payment plans, sibling discounts and limited need-based scholarships are available.

The Nature School follows the academic calendar recommended by the Jamaica Ministry of Education. Our academic year is divided into 3 terms: Christmas (Sept-Dec); Easter (Jan-March/April); Summer (April-June). All local public holidays are observed.

Additionally, The Nature School operates a Summer Institute during the month of July. The Summer Institute is an intensive 3 week immersion into a relevant environmental subject. Past themes include "The Amazing Coconut" and "Become an Explorer". Students of the summer institute are taught by volunteers that come from all over the world to engage and inspire the children. (Separate tuition and fees apply to this program.)

*Tuition fees are subject to change

Get Involved

Are you a professional or expert in your field? Donate your time by teaching a class. Not in Jamaica or have no time to teach? Make a donation through the Donate button. Have books, materials or other resources you are not using? Please consider donating them to the school.

Our children are much too important to not equip them with the proper tools to navigate the future.

Thank you.


Teaching Opportunities and Donations
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Student Enrollment
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